Nevada Auto Insurance

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Nevada, like other states, has it own rules and requirements covering auto insurance. Regulations include minimum requirements for car insurance coverage, penalties for driving uninsured, DUI laws and SR22 insurance requirements.

Nevada auto insurance requirements

The state of Nevada mandates that all drivers must at least have a minimum amount of insurance coverage. Of course, drivers can also choose to obtain coverage that exceeds these minimum requirements.

Nevada law requires that drivers:

  • Must have at least $10,000 worth of property damage liability coverage. This coverage pays for damage to the property of others caused by your insured vehicle when you are liable.
  • Must have at least $15,000 worth of bodily injury liability coverage that pays for the medical care of others that are injured in an accident in which you are liable. The coverage must automatically increase to $30,000 coverage when two people are injured in an accident.

The Department of Motor Vehicles requires motorists to carry insurance cards provided by the insuring company while driving. The law also requires that insurance companies provide these cards to all their customers. The insurance card is required for vehicle registration and to change license plates

A driver who does not provide an insurance card when requested by police may face vehicle registration suspension.

Nevada DUI laws

Drinking under the influence in Nevada is an offense that carries stiff penalties. Blood alcohol concentration of about 0.08 percent can lead to a DUI conviction although for commercial drivers the concentration can be as low as 0.04 percent. The same law prohibits driving under the influence of other controlled substances such as marijuana, cocaine and heroin.

A first DUI conviction can result in jail or house arrest sentences from 2 days to 6 months and fines from $400 to $1000. You may be required to perform 96 days of community service instead of a jail sentence. Driving privileges are suspended for 90 days although you may be able to obtain restricted privileges after 45 days to drive to work.

The penalties for a second conviction within seven years include jail or house arrest sentences from 10 days to six months and fines ranging from $750 to $1000. Mandatory community service of from 100 to 200 hours is required. You may be ordered to participate in a substance abuse or similar type of treatment program.

Nevada SR22 insurance

If your registration has been suspended for driving without insurance or for some other reason, you must submit an SR22 certificate before your registration can be reinstated. In the same way, if your driving privileges have been suspended for DUI or DWI, you will be required to submit the SR22 certificate before your privileges can be restored.

The SR22 certificate is provided by an insurance company as proof that you have minimum insurance coverage as required by Nevada state law.

Cheap auto insurance in Nevada

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You can search specifically for low cost car insurance and also for specialized insurance like SR22 policies. Not all insurance companies provide SR22 insurance coverage since they may not want to take on the risk posed by problem drivers.

When comparing insurance quotes, check the coverage offered, coverage limitations, exceptions and other policy terms to make sure that you can make valid comparisons. Some policies look attractively priced, but they may carry hidden costs or they may not provide adequate coverage for your needs.

For example, if you desire coverage that will repair or replace your vehicle in case of an accident, then you will need to ensure that the coverage limitations equal or exceed the value of your vehicle. Therefore, if you your vehicle is valued at $20,000, you would need at least $20,000 of collision coverage to ensure that you recover the full value in case your car is totaled in an accident.

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