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Looking for cheap car insurance rates? Want to save money and still have adequate protection? We are here to help you. Simply complete our online form in 3 easy steps and you will be able to compare auto insurance rates from top rated national and local insurance companies. You will be amazed how much money you can save.

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Lets face it. Auto insurance is not a lot of fun. But saving money definitely is! Just imagine what you can do, if you save up to $450 on your car insurance today.

Why should I compare car insurance rates from different companies?

Its quite simple really. The more auto insurance quotes you receive and the more information you gather, the more likely you are to make the right choice. The biggest mistake you can make is to go with the first quote you obtain or simply renew your current policy. That is exactly what your insurance company wants you to do and you will be surprised how many people fall in that trap. Why? Because it is easy and we are all a bit lazy. Insurers know that. Ever wandered why so many of them offer special discounts only to new customers?

If you want to see the big picture, you need to get quotes from 3 to 5 different insurers. Compare car insurance rates online is easy because you have to enter your details and your policy requirements only once. The quotes you receive will be calculated based on the same liability limits and additional coverage if any. On the other hand, if you decided to contact insurance companies directly or even ring your local agent, make sure you give them the exact same requirements every time. There is not point comparing quotes for different type of policies because it will be hard to determine who is offering you the best deal.

How are auto insurance rates calculated?

Differently. Each auto insurance company uses its own formula. Still, they all take into account the same set of basic factors like age, gender, experience, occupation, credit score, usage, make and model of your vehicle, place of residency and personal driving history. After that, it is a question of choosing the parameters of your policy. Usually, the more coverage you add, the more you pay, but that is compensated by the fact that you receive better protection and peace of mind.

When it comes to getting the right policy, most people don’t seem to grasp one simple thing, but hopefully you will now. There is a huge difference between the auto insurance coverage you are required to purchase by law and the coverage that you actually need. Read the last sentence again.

In some states, the bodily injury liability and property damage liability limits are extremely low. What would you do, if you are at fault in a crash and the minimum liability limits on your policy are insufficient to cover the injuries and damages you have caused? Would you feel comfortable purchasing a policy which can put your financial security and all your assets at risk? And even if you don’t hurt anyone, but just total your own car – would you like your policy to replace it straight away or can you afford to buy a new one yourself?

Always double check the state requirements before purchasing or renewing your auto insurance. Often the laws and regulations do change without most drivers even knowing about it. In recent years, the authorities are introducing tougher measures in order to tackle drunk driving and driving without insurance. In most states, irresponsible drivers are required to show proof of financial responsibility and carry SR22 Insurance after a DUI.

How to find cheap car insurance rates?

Now that you know how car insurance rates are calculated, you probably realise that there are factors you can influence and modify. Keeping a clean driving record should be on top of your list. This can not be stressed enough. Even young drivers can benefit from having at least 1 year of experience and not being involved in any accidents.

Think about your driving habits for a second. Are there occasions where you can walk or it is convenient to use the public transport, but you still take your car? Higher annual mileage means higher auto insurance rates. There are other good reasons to leave your car in the garage. Walking and biking are good for your health, plus you will feel good in the knowledge you have done something for the environment.

Choosing your deductible wisely will also help you find cheaper auto insurance. The more you are willing to pay, before your policy kicks in, the lower your premiums will be. Still, select an amount you feel comfortable with and can pay without breaking your budget.

Have you ever ask yourself if you are missing out on discounts you are entitled to? Ask and you shell receive. There are many types of discounts which insurance companies will be more than happy to give you in order to win your business (and hope you simply renew next year). Have a great credit score? Drive a vehicle that has top safety rating? Want to combine your home and auto insurance policy? Taken an advance driving class? The list really is endless. It is your job to make sure you are receiving all the discounts you deserve.

As you can see, finding affordable auto insurance is not that difficult. Know what policy you need, demand what is yours and compare quotes. It really is as simple as that.

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